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Public Lecture by Dr. Hanne Petersen

Welfare, Well-being and Harmony in World Society?

Cases on changing legal cultures from China-Greenland-Denmark


About Dr. Petersen
Hanne Petersen has studied in Denmark, Germany and Italy (European University Institute) and has had professorships in Greenland, and long term visiting professorships in Norway and Sweden. She has worked with China more extensively since 2009.

She is Dr. Jur. Professor of Legal Cultures and Head of CECS, Centre for Comparative and European Legal Studies

Welfare has been provided by local and indigenous communities as well as the state. In the 20th C. the Nordic states used legislation to secure welfare of the national populations. Globalization has brought more political autonomy to places like Greenland. Globalization, individualization and transition to service societies has led to more focus on well-being along with a shift to a stronger market orientation and to more precarious relations in labour, community and private life.

Date: 17th of October
Time: 15:00-16:00
Location: TBA