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Nordic Centre in Shanghai drives and facilitates collaboration between researchers and students in the five Nordic countries and China. Located at Fudan University, one of Asia's top universities, Nordic Centre has served as a vehicle for research and education within all kinds of disciplines since 1995.

Read more about our facilities, activities, and the services we provide for our 25 member universities around this site. And don't hesitate to contact us with new initiatives – we're always open to them – or if you want to discuss a membership for your university, whether it be in the Nordic Region or China.

A Nordic entry point to China

China has rapidly grown in importance within the academic world in recent years, for several key reasons.

The country's various societal transformations have brought about a new generation of minds that are engaging with the outside world in ways that previous generations didn't. Meanwhile, massive investments in research over the past few decades have made Chinese scientists leaders in a number of fields. It has never been more important or rewarding to work with the world's most populous country on the research challenges we face together, whether in the social or natural sciences.

Parallel to this, Chinese growth and transformation will continue to be of tremendous importance to the development of the planet as a whole. Therefore, understanding China, through whatever lens - cultural, societal, environmental - is crucial to any number of fields, including for scholars who haven't focused on the country before.

Whether you work with Chinese colleagues or on understanding China, being present here and engaging with the right people is vital to the success of your efforts. Nordic Centre at prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai - the country's largest city and most thriving metropolis - is your entry point and platform for doing so. 

Our members


Your opportunities as a researcher from a member university

Funding for research stays (no deadline)

Nordic Centre provides funding for research stays in Shanghai for researchers at our Nordic member universities, and for Fudan scholars’ stays in the Nordic Region. You can apply for this “research platform funding” at any time by sending an email to the Nordic Centre programme manager at magnus@nordiccentre.net  Please read the call for applications first for criteria plus application form.

Services for visiting scholars

Nordic Centre has office spaces for visiting scholars from member universities, who come for stays of various durations. We help put visiting scholars in contact with relevant colleagues in China, give practical help on relocating here temporarily, and offer advice on a variety of circumstances to be aware of. Visiting scholars also get access to the academic resources of Fudan University, including access to online journals and the libraries of Nordic Centre and Fudan University. Please read our Handbook for Visiting Scholars for more detailed information.

Seminars, workshops, conferences

Funding for academic events (deadlines: March 15 and September 15 every year)

You can apply for any amount between 2,000 and 7,000 Euros for academic events like workshops, courses, PhD seminars, and conferences to be held at Nordic Centre. Priority is given to applications that involve researchers from more than one university. All academic disciplines are eligible.

Bi-annual conference (Next deadline is March 15 2017)

Every other October, Nordic Centre hosts a conference that researchers at member universities may apply to organize with 20,000 euros in seed funding from our budgets. The theme of the conference may be within any academic field. Applications should be made for the council meeting the preceding year’s spring, deadline March 15.

Courses for your students

Nordic Centre can tailor short courses in Shanghai within your academic field, in close cooperation with you. Write to us at any time with your ideas. We also offer the summer courses Doing Business in China and Chinese Politics and Society, for which each member university is offered three places. 

What impression do regular Chinese people have of the Nordic Region? Nordic Centre took to the streets of Shanghai to find out.

This video was sponsored by Nordic Council of Ministers.