Founded in 1995, Nordic Centre is a collaboration between 27 institutions in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, and is located at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. 

The Nordic Centre building, pictured above, was built in 2010 and funded by a number of governmental and non-governmental sponsors. This building houses its administrative offices, work places for visiting scholars from the member institutions, meeting rooms and seminar rooms for various kinds of activities, and also Fudan University's Foreign Affairs Office, which works closely with Nordic Centre in the coordination of activities.

Nordic Centre's staff are located both in the building itself, and at the University of Bergen, which presently (2015-) houses its secretariat. Click here to see a list of our staff in both locations.

You can read the statutes of the Nordic Centre here. 

You can read the current three-year strategy of Nordic Centre here.

The Nordic Centre serves as:

  • A platform for initiating and developing research and educational programmes, conferences, and workshops of mutual interest to Nordic and Chinese scholars.

  • A teaching institution for Chinese students and scholars who study the Nordic countries, and for Nordic students and scholars pursuing study of China.

  • An organiser of programmes and courses for the Nordic business community in Shanghai.

Nordic Centre also organises cultural events such as national holiday celebrations, concerts, movie nights, and book launches,  in order to promote not only the member institutions but the Nordic region and its culture more broadly.

To apply for institutional membership of Nordic Centre, please write to programme manager Magnus Jorem, for further instructions. Your application will be processed at the next Nordic Centre Council Meeting (which take place in April and October in year).