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Nordic Centre 20-year anniversary


Welcome to the 20th anniversary celebration of Nordic Centre at Fudan University. The following pages contain the celebration programme, which features a variety of presentations and activities that not only highlight the importance of Sino-Nordic ties and the role of the Nordic Centre therein, but also several key academic topics of interest to Nordic and Chinese researchers.

For two decades, Nordic Centre has served as a bridge between researchers and students in the five Nordic countries and China within all kinds of academic areas. It is placed at one of China's highest ranked institutions of research and higher learning, Fudan University, an ideal partner and entry point to academic China. Located in China's most thriving metropolis, Shanghai, it also cooperates closely with other partners in the area, including the Nordic consulates and other governmental entities, companies, and cultural institutions.

While offering facilities and services for Nordic and Chinese researchers, it also gives Nordic students a platform for understanding China, and conversely offers Chinese students at Fudan University courses on the Nordic countries. Hence, it's a vehicle not just for academic cooperation within specific fields, but mutual understanding in a broader cultural and societal sense. This is also achieved by events that showcase Nordic culture – from contemporary cinema to traditional Lucia Parades – here in Shanghai.

We hope you will not only enjoy but take an active part in this celebration.


Nordic Centre

Please find the progremme of Nordic Centre 20 Years Anniversary Here.