Sino-Nordic Degree Collaborations

Findings from workshop at Nordic Centre on October 17, 2016

Read the report here, including Appendix A, key participants w/ contact information.

Read Appendix B, the presentations from the workshop, here.

This report summarizes experiences and perspectives presented at a workshop held at Nordic Centre in October 2016 on the topic of double degrees (and other models of degree collaboration) between Nordic and Chinese universities. What are the advantages of such collaborations, and what are the key obstacles to be aware of? 

Seven case presentations of Sino-Nordic double degrees were put forward at the workshop, with two additional presentations taking a more general view.  Then, two representatives of the Nordic business community in Shanghai gave their perspectives on the employability of graduates with double degrees. These presentations were followed by a plenary discussion on various aspects of degree collaborations; these are gathered in the report under the headings 1) Institutionalized collaboration, 2) Examinations and theses, 3) Student recruitment, 4) Legal issues, and 5) Employability.