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SNoW Workshop: Family and Working Life in Chinese and Nordic Welfare States

SNoW Workshop

Family and Working Life in Chinese and Nordic Welfare States

 Room 101, Nordic Centre, Fudan University, Shanghai
20-21 October 2016


General rules: Paper presentations: 15 minutes

 Discussion: 45 minutes per session


Thursday 20 October:

12:00-13:30: Lunch (place tbd)

13:30-14:00: Registration

14:00-14:15: Opening (Chair: Stein Kuhnle)

14:15-16:00: 1st Session (Chair: Kinglun Ngok)

(1) Sevil Sumer: “The Nordic Approach to Work and Care: Challenges on the Way to Inclusive Citizenship”

(2) Wang Ziyu: “Differences inside the Nordic Model: Family Regimes Comparison”

(3) Fang Zhao, Hongling Chen, Juha Hämäläinen: “Balancing family-work-relations in a Confucian welfare society”

(4) Cathrine Strange: “Family well-being and social policy”


16:00-16:15: Tea/coffee break

16:15-18:00: 2nd Session (Chair: Stein Kuhnle)


(5) Yuan Ren: “Family Separation during Massive Labor Migration in China”

(6) Brigitte Suter: “Ideologies of gender equality on the move: The case of Swedish skilled migrants in China”

(7) Cham Soeun, Khan Samphors: “A Comparative Study: Health Insurance for Urban Migrant Workers in China and Cambodia – A Case for Working Related Injury”

(8) Zhikai Wang: “Family and working life of China’s migrant workers, a Nordic perspective “


19:00 Dinner (place tbd)


Friday 21 October:

09:00-10:45: 3rd Session (Chair: Pauli Kettunen)


(9) Kristin Dalen: “How much responsibility would the government take for the people’s welfare?”

(10) Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr: “Changing perceptions of old age security and care in China: emerging conflicts between old family values and modern lifestyles?”

(11) Bin-Bin Chen: “From One Child to Two: Fathers’ Role in Family and Implications to Welfare Policies”

(12) Jing Wang: “Comparison of elderly long-term care system: Reflections on the responsibilities of the family, the market and the government”

10:45-11:00: Tea/coffee break

11:00-12:45: 4th Session (Chair: Pan Yi)


(13) Laust Høgedahl, Kristian Kongshøj: “New trajectories of unionanization in the Nordic Ghent countries: changing labour markets and welfare institutions”

(14) Jing Zhou, Yangdi Han: “Interaction between the entrepreneurship and family and women entrepreneurs in the non-profit sector: A case study of Shanghai”

(15) Lin Chen: “Decisions for Institutionalization among Nursing Home Residents and the Children in Shanghai”

(16) Shen Ke, Wang Feng, Yong Cai: “A Benevolent State against an Unjust Society? Inequalities in Public Transfers in China”

12:45-14:30: Lunch (place tbd)

14:30-16.15: 5th Session (Chair: Yuan Ren)


(17) Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen: “A generational and psychosocial perspective on changing ‘gender contracts’ in the family: The case of Norway”

(18) Yi Fei Shen: (title tba) (on Chinese family policy)

(19) Pan Yi: “The problems and policy analysis on current Chinese children welfare system”

 (20) Ngok Kinglun, Fan Xin: “The evolution of childcare policies in China: From the perspective of social care discourse”

16:15-16:30: tea/coffee break


16:30-17:00: Closing Session : Summing up , publication? (Chair: Stein Kuhnle)

Earlier Event: October 20
Excursion to Shanghai Museum
Later Event: October 28
Student Social Event: Halloween