7:00 pm19:00

Piano concert with Niklas Sivelöv

On April 13th Niklas Sivelöv, the first Swedish pianist elected for the Steinway Hall of Fame, will be coming to perform at Fudan University. He has performed with the leading orchestras in Scandinavia, Tonhalle Zurich, Suisse Romande and orchestras all over Europe.


Lucia Day Celebration
6:30 pm18:30

Lucia Day Celebration

Nordic Centre celebrates Lucia Day with Christmas sweets, glögg and traditional Swedish songs performed by Chinese students. Open to you, your family, your neighbors, your ayi, and everyone else!

Event starts at 6.30 pm.

Register here.

Nordic Movie Night: The 100-Year-Old Man
6:00 pm18:00

Nordic Movie Night: The 100-Year-Old Man

Screening of the top-grossing Swedish comedy "The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared" in room 101 of Nordic Centre. Thanks to the Swedish Consulate in Shanghai for making the screening possible.

6:00 pm18:00

Nordic Strings: Classical concert with Danish violin quartet

On Tuesday, November 1, Nordic Centre is proud to host a concert by a violin quartet from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, the Nordic String Quartet. The highly renowned quartet will play a variety of Danish and European classical compositions. 

Time: November 1, 18:00

Place: Auditorium 102, East Wing of Guanghua Towers

Attendance is free. Open to all, but please register by email to events@nordiccentre.net by Thursday, October 27. 

We are very grateful to the Royal Danish Academy of Music for this opportunity.

About the musicians:

Nordic String Quartet was formed in 2013 in Copenhagen and consists of violinist Heiðrun Petersen (Faroe Islands), violinist Mads Haugsted Hansen (Denmark), violist Daniel Eklund (Sweden) and cellist Lea Emilie Brøndal (Denmark). 

All four members have a dedicated passion for chamber music, and have all chosen to put their hearts in the quartet. As an ensemble they enjoy playing the fantastic and various standard repertoire written for string quartet – such as Beethoven, Brahms and Schubert - just as much as they are intrigued by the corporation with contemporary composers. The name of the quartet does not only refer to the different Nordic nationalities of the members, but is also an expression of the quartet’s special interest in the repertoire written by Nordic composers, such as Carl Nielsen, Edward Grieg, Sibelius, etc. 

Each member of the ensemble have taken their Bachelor and Masters education at the Royal Danish Academy of Music (RDAM), but in 2014 Nordic String Quartet they were accepted for the special Advanced Postgraduate programme for ensembles with professor Tim Frederiksen. 
May 10, 2017 they will mark the end of their studies at the academy with a concert in the great concert hall of the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen.

During only a couple of years the quartet has gained a lot of positive publicity and has already performed at various prestigious scenes in Scandinavia.

Nordic String Quartet has performed together with the famous pianist and Yale-professor Boris Berman and the Latvian pianist Sergej Osokin. Under the name Nordic Piano Quintet they form a piano quintet together with the award winning German pianist, Marie-Luise Bodendorff.

In the following months the quartet will record the famous and much beloved Danish composer Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen’s string quartets on the DACAPO label.

About the participating professors

Tim Frederiksen (b.1955) is Head of Department for Strings and Professor in Viola and Chamber Music.

Tim Frederiksen studied with Gunnar Frederiksen, Erling Bloch in Copenhagen and Professor Max Rostal, Konservatorium für Musik, Switzerland. 

In 1980 he was appointed Principal Viola in the Danish National Symphony Orchestra - from 1983 to 1996 as concert master. He has appeared as a soloist with most Danish symphony orchestras on both violin and viola. 

Tim Frederiksen is a much sought-after chamber musician. As primarius in the Danish String Quartet he has given a great many recitals all over Europe and has recorded the collected string quartets by Brahms, Ib Nørholm, Carl Nielsen and Paul Hindemith - this last recording has been awarded with Deutsche Schallplatten Preis 1997.
In 1995 Tim Frederiksen was appointed Professor of viola and chamber music at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. In his capacity as Head of Chamber Music Tim Frederiksen has coached award winning Danish ensembles, like The Danish String Quartet, Nightingale String Quartet, Trio Ismena and many more. 

Tim Frederiksen is highly in demand as a teacher at international and national master classes and is often invited as jury member in international music competitions, a.o the Max Rostal Competition in Berlin and Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition.


Serguei Azizian (b. 1957) is Professor of violin at The Royal Danish Academy of Music. He completed his studies at the Leningrad Conservatory (Skt Petersburg) graduating with an advanced postgraduate diploma.

He has performed as a soloist and chamber musician in Russia, Scandinavia, USA, Japan, Korea and China. Serguei Azizian has taught in St. Petersburg Conservatory (1990-1993) and in 2001 he was appointed professor in violin at The Royal Danish Academy of Music). Serguei Azizian has played in the Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra (1980-1993) and is former concert master in Copenhagen Phil (1993-2011).

Serguei Azizian has recorded numerous CD's with the Copenhagen Phil. Among his recordings are of Britten and Walton's violin concertos and works by Schubert, Bach, Prokovieff, Schnittke, Ravel, Messiaen, Schønberg, Babadjanian Langgaard. 

In 2009, Serguei Azizian was awarded the Carl Nielsen and Anne-Marie Carl Nielsen Award one of Denmarks most prestigious prizes. Sergui Azizian was awarded the prize for his ability to raise the standards for future Danish violinists. 


Max Artved was admitted to the Academy at the age of 15 and qualified as a soloist in 1990. During his years of study, he went abroad to both Paris and London, where he studied under Maurice Bourque and Gordon Hunt. He was appointed solo oboist in The Danish National Symphony Orchestra in 1990 and from 1992 1st solo oboist. 

He started DR’s Wind Quintet and is also the artistic leader of The Diamond Ensemble, the resident ensemble of the Royal Library. He has won several prizes throughout the years as well as receiving several distinctions; including The Music Critic’s Circle’s art prize and Gladsaxe Music Prize.

Max Artved has recorded a number of CD’s, including a range of Danish oboe music on the Dacapo label, as well as chamber music for oboe and strings by Crusell, Mozart and Bach, and lately, celebrating the 150th anniversary of Danish composer Carl Nielsen,  the songs by Nielsen arranged for oboe string quartet and jazz duo on NAXOS.

Max Artved was appointed professor at the RDAM in 2009.


About the Royal Danish Academy of Music

The Royal Danish Academy of Music is a power centre in the classical music world, representing the highest international level and compares to and cooperates with a number of the foremost music academies in the world. The academy offers study programmes within music and music pedagogy at the highest level, taught by a corps of teachers, numbering several of the greatest names in music, including many international capacities affiliated as guest professors. The study environment is very international and is characterized by a healthy competition accentuated interaction between the students, Danish as well as international.

The academy offers a wide selection of study programmes at bachelor, master and advanced postgraduate soloist level aiming at employment as musicians, organists, composers, music teachers, tonmeisters or other employment possibilities within the music world. The advanced postgraduate programmes improve the students' level to the highest possible as soloists, opera singers, composers or conductors.
As a metropolitan academy RDAM has a comprehensive network of collaborators that in a decisive manner enriches the study programmes as well as all other activities. Internationally the academy co-operates with leading academies in Europe, USA and China and on the national scene the collaboration includes the other artistic educational institutions under the Ministry of Culture and several leading universities. 
The academy is housed in iconic buildings drawn by the Danish architect Vilhelm Lauritzen (the former National Radio House), containing fully modern teaching and practicing rooms as well as superb concert halls and recording studios in international top class.


7:00 pm19:00

Student Social Event: Halloween

It's not quite Nordic, it's certainly not Chinese, but we love Halloween, and believe it can bridge all cultures!

Friday evening we'll gather in Room 101 at 19:00 to watch a classic eighties horror flick. Dressing up is strongly encouraged. Also, please be there on time, as we need to keep the building locked at night. 

After the movie there will be cheap beers for purchase, before those who want to head into town to the club Elevator on Donghu Lu, which is hosting a free-of-entry Halloween night with some of Shanghai's best dj's, the co:motion crew. 

Let the Nordic Centre take you on a night of horrors!

Facebook event for party at Elevator.

Elevator's address: 

4/F, 218 Xinle Lu,
near Donghu Lu
新乐路218号, 近东湖路

Oct 21

SNoW Workshop: Family and Working Life in Chinese and Nordic Welfare States

SNoW Workshop

Family and Working Life in Chinese and Nordic Welfare States

 Room 101, Nordic Centre, Fudan University, Shanghai
20-21 October 2016


General rules: Paper presentations: 15 minutes

 Discussion: 45 minutes per session


Thursday 20 October:

12:00-13:30: Lunch (place tbd)

13:30-14:00: Registration

14:00-14:15: Opening (Chair: Stein Kuhnle)

14:15-16:00: 1st Session (Chair: Kinglun Ngok)

(1) Sevil Sumer: “The Nordic Approach to Work and Care: Challenges on the Way to Inclusive Citizenship”

(2) Wang Ziyu: “Differences inside the Nordic Model: Family Regimes Comparison”

(3) Fang Zhao, Hongling Chen, Juha Hämäläinen: “Balancing family-work-relations in a Confucian welfare society”

(4) Cathrine Strange: “Family well-being and social policy”


16:00-16:15: Tea/coffee break

16:15-18:00: 2nd Session (Chair: Stein Kuhnle)


(5) Yuan Ren: “Family Separation during Massive Labor Migration in China”

(6) Brigitte Suter: “Ideologies of gender equality on the move: The case of Swedish skilled migrants in China”

(7) Cham Soeun, Khan Samphors: “A Comparative Study: Health Insurance for Urban Migrant Workers in China and Cambodia – A Case for Working Related Injury”

(8) Zhikai Wang: “Family and working life of China’s migrant workers, a Nordic perspective “


19:00 Dinner (place tbd)


Friday 21 October:

09:00-10:45: 3rd Session (Chair: Pauli Kettunen)


(9) Kristin Dalen: “How much responsibility would the government take for the people’s welfare?”

(10) Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr: “Changing perceptions of old age security and care in China: emerging conflicts between old family values and modern lifestyles?”

(11) Bin-Bin Chen: “From One Child to Two: Fathers’ Role in Family and Implications to Welfare Policies”

(12) Jing Wang: “Comparison of elderly long-term care system: Reflections on the responsibilities of the family, the market and the government”

10:45-11:00: Tea/coffee break

11:00-12:45: 4th Session (Chair: Pan Yi)


(13) Laust Høgedahl, Kristian Kongshøj: “New trajectories of unionanization in the Nordic Ghent countries: changing labour markets and welfare institutions”

(14) Jing Zhou, Yangdi Han: “Interaction between the entrepreneurship and family and women entrepreneurs in the non-profit sector: A case study of Shanghai”

(15) Lin Chen: “Decisions for Institutionalization among Nursing Home Residents and the Children in Shanghai”

(16) Shen Ke, Wang Feng, Yong Cai: “A Benevolent State against an Unjust Society? Inequalities in Public Transfers in China”

12:45-14:30: Lunch (place tbd)

14:30-16.15: 5th Session (Chair: Yuan Ren)


(17) Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen: “A generational and psychosocial perspective on changing ‘gender contracts’ in the family: The case of Norway”

(18) Yi Fei Shen: (title tba) (on Chinese family policy)

(19) Pan Yi: “The problems and policy analysis on current Chinese children welfare system”

 (20) Ngok Kinglun, Fan Xin: “The evolution of childcare policies in China: From the perspective of social care discourse”

16:15-16:30: tea/coffee break


16:30-17:00: Closing Session : Summing up , publication? (Chair: Stein Kuhnle)

Excursion to Shanghai Museum
8:15 am08:15

Excursion to Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum is widely considered to be one of China's finest museums. It is focused on ancient Chinese art, with a huge collection ranging from calligraphy to ink paintings to various artifacts and ceramics. 

During the Nordic Centre Council Week, we invite all council members and colleagues to join our optional excursion to Shanghai Museum. If you are interested in joining the event, please send an email to clara(at)nordiccentre.net no later than Friday 14th October.

10:00 am10:00

Recycling the theatre classics: Ibsen, Strindberg and Shakespeare

Recycling the theatre classics: Ibsen, Strindberg and Shakespeare

A Lecture Performance
October 18th, 2016, 10 am–4 pm

Venue: Nordic Centre,
Fudan University,

Register by email to clara@nordiccentre.net with the subject heading Lecture Performance. Attending is free. 

During the last decades Scandinavian theatre has evolved a discussion about different relations to the classics and about the representation of women in playwriting as well as on the stage. This development is partly based on an increasing number of contemporary female dramatists being represented in the repertoire. In a parallel movement classic plays by e.g. Ibsen and Strindberg are rewritten or deconstructed in order to question traditional or misogynist representation of femininity in the theatre. This leads to the interesting question of how contemporary gender constructions and performances differ from the ones that were typical of the literature and theatre during the so-called Modern Breakthrough in Scandinavia. 

Our intention is to discuss and practically exemplify this issue. In the format of a performance lecture, including scenic presentation and lectures, we will theoretically and historically investigate and demonstrate how femininity is represented and gender is performed in relation to classic texts of the Modern Breakthrough and to contemporary Scandinavian and European performance art.

In this approach we will examine how two classic plays, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare and A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen, are recycled and used as a starting point for contemporary narratives and performances. 
Chinese author Lu Xun (What Happens After Nora Leaves Home?, 1923) as well as Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek (Nach Nora [What Happened after Nora  Left her Husband?], 1979) has recycled the fate of Nora. 
In her play Romeo and Juliet Post Scriptum (2013), recently performed in Sweden, Rome, and Edinburgh, Swedish playwright Annika Nyman investigates how Shakespeare’s romantic love affair could be adapted to and framed by contemporary media ideals.

In order to obtain a multitude of perspectives in our investigation, we will, with the help of the actors Maja-Stina Johansson Wang and Björn Dahlman, present some scenes from the plays discussed. 

Annika Nyman, Playwright and PhD student, Malmö Theatre Academy
Rickard Schönström, Professor, Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University
Kent Sjöström, Associate Professor, Malmö Theatre Academy



10:00 am10:00

Workshop on double degrees, Shanghai

Workshop on double degrees

International double degrees offer great opportunities for students to grow in different cultural environments, and to absorb the best qualities from two institutions with different academic strengths. They also increase employability across countries, and can reduce risks associated with taking a degree wholly in another country. But what are the challenges -- whether academic, cultural, or organizational -- of running such programmes between Chinese and Nordic institutions, and what lessons can be used to optimize collaborations and create the best programmes for students?

Please register here.

On Monday, October 17, in connection with the fall Council Meeting in Shanghai and the following biannual conference, Nordic Centre will host a workshop addressing these questions, drawing on experiences from member university faculty who have been central to running and teaching in double degrees within a variety of academic disciplines. It will also invite Nordic and Chinese company representatives to give their view on what it takes to enter the labour market in a foreign country. If your university has a double degree programme with a Chinese partner that you wish to develop, or if you're considering launching one, this workshop is intended for you or your colleague. 

Programme subject to change. Final programme will be sent out in early October.

10:00             Welcome and introduction, by principal organizers Urban Strandberg and Hilde Skeie

10.20          Presentations of existing or planned double or joint degree programs


Double master’s degrees in European Studies, International Administration and Global Governance, and Political Science [University of Gothenburg, Fudan University, beginning in 2017]

Presented by Associate Professor Urban Strandberg, University of Gothenburg

Parallel Master’s degree in China Studies [University of Copenhagen, Zhejiang University, University of Oslo, Stockholm University, Aarhus University; since 2012]

Presented by Professor Jørgen Delman, University of Copenhagen, and Associate Professor Qu Haidong, Zhejiang University

FuTuRE: Double master’s degree programme in information and communication technology [University of Turku, Fudan University, since 2013].

Presented by Professor Ran Liu, Fudan University

Double master’s degree in Sustainable Energy [NTNU: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University] Presented by Professor

Assoc. Professor Yong Li, Shanghai Jiaotong University , and Professor Trygve Eikevik, NTNU

Various social science double master’s degrees [Lund University, Fudan University, since 2011]

Presented by Senior Lecturer and International Coordinator Kjell Nilsson, Lund University

MARIHE - Master’s Degree Programme in Research and Innovation in Higher Education [University of Tampere, Beijing Normal University]

Presented by Professor Liu Baocun, Beijing Normal University, and Adjunct Professor Cai Yuzhuo, University of Tampere

Advantages of Double Degrees and Joint Programs – motivations and models

Presented by Dr. Andreas Göthenberg, Executive Director, STINT, The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education

The BI-Fudan MBA program [BI Norwegian Business School, Fudan University's School of Management, since 1996]

Presented by Professor Benedicte Brøgger, Associate Dean EMBA and BI-Fudan MBA

Administrative perspective on double degrees

Presented by International Education Adviser Esko Koponen, University of Helsinki


12.00             Plenary discussion

13.00             Lunch

14.30             Business representatives’ perspectives on how double degree could facilitate students entrance in foreign labour markets

Mette Leger, Founder and Managing Director, Growth HR

Dan Bjørke, Chairman of Norwegian Business Association

15.30             Group-based discussions for the exchange of experiences and ideas, and with the special task of coming up with ideas for the Nordic Centre compilation of a “Double degree A to Z”

16.30             Coffee break

17.00             Reports from the groups and discussions

18.00             Concluding remarks: “Double degree A to Z” and the role of Nordic Centre in promoting and support Sino-Nordic double degrees

18.30             End of workshop

Main organizer: Urban Strandberg, Associate Professor at Gothenburg University, 

Co-organizer: Hilde Skeie, Head of Office of International Relations, NTNU: Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Sep 24

Nordic Business Forum Shanghai

Nordic Business Forum Shanghai

A large range of Nordic companies from a variety of industries endeavor to succeed in China and to seek inspiration for innovation, venture into a new market and be close to the world’s most exciting inventions.

The Nordic Business Forum Shanghai, an initiative from BI Norwegian Business School and Fudan University School of Management, aims to tell the story of their journeys, share experiences and discuss common challenges.

The first Nordic Business Forum will be held in Fudan University on September 23 and 24, 2016, which covers a variety of topics including Entrepreneurship in China, Investing in the Nordics and sustainability. The organizer will invite keynote speakers as the book author and senior editor at the Economist Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran, the managing director of China Market Research Group Shuan Rein and the Executive Director of Scania China Strategic Office Mats Harborn and many more.

This forum is organized by Norwegian Business School and Nordic Centre is a co-organizer. 

5:00 pm17:00

Student Social Event: After School with Sino-Nordic quiz

After School means casual hang out with snacks and refreshments. This time we've invited Chinese students as well, which means you'll get to know both other Nordic people and Chinese people who are interested in the Nordic countries! Now, don't think we're simply content with throwing you all into a room together and make you do all the meet-and-greet on your own: We've devised a devilish pub quiz which will need the collaboration of Chinese and Nordic students to conquer! 

Come by and stay as long as you like and are able to (we know some of you have classes that you need to get to).

3:00 pm15:00

2016 Pre-departure Meeting for Chinese Students Who Will Be Studying in Norway

  • Nordic Centre

Noralumni China together with the Royal Norwegian Consulate General Shanghai would like to host a pre-departure meeting at Nordic Centre for Chinese students who will be studying in Norway. 

This is an Invitation Only event, if you are interested in participation, please send an email to murphy(at)nordiccentre.net

Please present the invitation at the entrance. 

Jun 24

Law PhD Seminar Organized by University of Bergen - Open for Registration

The Faculty of Law, University of Bergen, is going to hold their annual PhD seminar “Chinese Legal Culture – studied from a Nordic Viewpoint” on Monday 20 June 2016 - Friday 24 June 2016 in Shanghai and Beijing.

Fudan University, Shanghai    Photo: Mari Myren

Fudan University, Shanghai    Photo: Mari Myren

The seminar is open to PhD Candidates in Law in Nordic countries and participants will be awarded 3 ECTS on completion. 

For questions about the academic content and outcome of the seminar, contact Professor Ragna Aarli.

Contact PhD Coordinator Gunhild Brubakken for registration or practical questions.

Please read more here



3:30 pm15:30

Norden Now!

Dagfinn Høybråten, Secretary-General of the Nordic Council of Ministers

Dagfinn Høybråten, Secretary-General of the Nordic Council of Ministers

Nordic afternoon featuring contemporary cultural presentations and talk by the Secretary-General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Mr. Dagfinn Høybråten, plus reception. Open to all, free admission. For location please see this route to Nordic Centre from Handan Road. 

Get a peek into contemporary Nordic culture – and the social model that underlies it – in an afternoon filled with exciting presentations, networking and mingling between Chinese and Nords, and delicious Danish delicacies, food and drink, for free.

Also, we are screening some street interviews we did with regular Shanghaiers on their impressions of the Nordic Region, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

15:30 Showcase of Nordic culture and society

  • Nordic Impressions': street interviews with regular Chinese citizens
  • Fiction reading by Danish author Mathilde Walter Clark
  • Preview of 'Iceland: World Cinema Destination', series on CCTV6
  •  Fudan University through the eyes of a Finnish journalist, presented by journalist and scholar Antti Järvi 
  • Turn Hate into a Mate: Talk on turning challenges into opportunities by Jesper Larsson, concept developer for Tomorrow Shanghai
  • Music by Design: A Sino-Nordic music collaboration, presented by Consul Siri Borgen, No. Consulate

Thanks to the Shanghai Consulates of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, and the Embassy of Iceland in Beijing, for providing the above programme features, and to the Nordic Council of Minister for funding the street interview video. 

16:30 The Nordic Model: History and Future. Talk by Dagfinn Høybråten, Secretary-General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, including questions-and-answers session

17:15 Reception with Danish smørrebrød and other Nordic delicacies and refreshments

Sponsored by the Nordic Council of Ministers, which has also funded our new Nordic Wall

Chaired by Magnus Jorem, programme manager of Nordic Centre

Note: For those arriving by a private car that needs to enter campus, please send your license plate number with names of those arriving to regina@nordiccentre.net before 2 PM on Thursday, May 26.

Norden Now logos.jpg
9:00 am09:00

Workshop on communication, Reykjavik

  • University of Iceland

Workshop on communication and dissemination of activities of the Nordic Centre, at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik. 

The workshop will be followed by a voluntary excursion to places of interest outside of Reykjavik.

Logo of Iceland University

Logo of Iceland University

More information to follow. 

9:00 am09:00

Council Meeting, Spring 2016, Reykjavik

  • Reykjavik Iceland

Nordic Centre Spring 2016 Council Meeting, hosted by the University of Iceland in Reykjavik.

Reykjavik, Iceland. Photo: Mariusz Kluzniak

Reykjavik, Iceland. Photo: Mariusz Kluzniak


More details to follow. Starting time to be confirmed.

5:30 pm17:30

Nordic movie night: Kon-Tiki

Screening of the movie Kon-Tiki (Norway, 2012) in room 101 of Nordic Centre. Thanks to the Norwegian Consulate in Shanghai for making the screening possible. Open to all. 

"Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl (Pål Sverre Hagen) suspects that the South Sea Islands were originally colonized by South Americans. In 1947 despite his fear of water and inability to swim, Heyerdahl decides to prove his theory. He and five companions set sail from Peru on a balsa-wood raft built from an ancient design. Their only modern equipment is a radio, and they must navigate using the stars and ocean currents. After three exhausting months at sea, they achieve their goal."

Apr 1

Economics course for students from Lund University

Tailored Shanghai programme for economics students at Lund University, consisting of excursions, company visits, and lectures. 

Contact us for more information, or if you would like to organize a tailored course at Nordic Centre and around Shanghai. 

4:30 pm16:30

Art opening and social gathering

The Nordic Centre is proud to host an art exhibition by print- and illustration artist Reti Saks, which opens on Friday, March 25, 4:30 PM. The event is open to all, and you are encouraged to bring your friends along both for the exhibition and to mingle with students from China and the Nordic region, and elsewhere. 

The Consul General of Estonia, Andry Rummet, will open the event with remarks on the artist and her country of origin. Programme Manager of Nordic Centre Magnus Jorem will say some words about how students at Fudan can use Nordic Centre both socially and for studies. After that, there will be refreshments, snacks, and music, and we hope that students from abroad will take the opportunity to get to know some of their local counterparts. 

Time: 16:30-18:30, Friday, March 25, 2016

Place: Nordic Centre, Fudan campus. Map 

There is no need to sign up. We hope to see you all on Friday!

Thanks to the Estonian Consulate General in Shanghai for making this possible. 

Oct 22

Nordic Centre 20-year anniversary


Welcome to the 20th anniversary celebration of Nordic Centre at Fudan University. The following pages contain the celebration programme, which features a variety of presentations and activities that not only highlight the importance of Sino-Nordic ties and the role of the Nordic Centre therein, but also several key academic topics of interest to Nordic and Chinese researchers.

For two decades, Nordic Centre has served as a bridge between researchers and students in the five Nordic countries and China within all kinds of academic areas. It is placed at one of China's highest ranked institutions of research and higher learning, Fudan University, an ideal partner and entry point to academic China. Located in China's most thriving metropolis, Shanghai, it also cooperates closely with other partners in the area, including the Nordic consulates and other governmental entities, companies, and cultural institutions.

While offering facilities and services for Nordic and Chinese researchers, it also gives Nordic students a platform for understanding China, and conversely offers Chinese students at Fudan University courses on the Nordic countries. Hence, it's a vehicle not just for academic cooperation within specific fields, but mutual understanding in a broader cultural and societal sense. This is also achieved by events that showcase Nordic culture – from contemporary cinema to traditional Lucia Parades – here in Shanghai.

We hope you will not only enjoy but take an active part in this celebration.


Nordic Centre

Please find the progremme of Nordic Centre 20 Years Anniversary Here.

May 21

PhD course: Modernization, gender and generation-reconfigurations of everyday life.(Cases from China and the Nordic countries)

The intention with this PhD course is to bring together researchers and PhD students from the Nordic countries, China or elsewhere, who share research interests in gender and generational relations, and processes and conceptions of modernization and individualization. The empirical field of study can be either the Nordic countries or China - or both. It is not a condition that participants know about both contexts, but they must find it interesting to compare perspectives and findings. What can we learn about and from each other, and what can we learn about ourselves from looking with other(s') eyes? The participants are invited to take part in a mutual exchange of knowledge and a dialogue on what processes and concepts of modernization, individualization and feminism may entail in different contexts.

Time: 19-21 May 2015

Place: Nordic Centre, Fudan University in Shanghai

Application: By 1 March, 2015


The Sino-Nordic Women and Gender Studies Conferences

* The Nordic Centre at Fudan University

* The Nordic Institute of Asia Studies (NIAS) at Copenhagen University

* The Centre for Gender Research at the University of Oslo

- in cooperation with researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASS), Fudan University, the University of Copenhagen, Aalborg University, the University of Southern Denmark, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the University in Nordland and the University of Oslo.


For more information about the course programme, practicalities, and application procedure, please visit University of Oslo´s website


Dec 1


The Nordic Centre in Fudan University is turning 20 next year and to mark this important milestone, we are going to use a special anniversary logo on all of our materials in 2015.

If you are the brilliant student, who produces our anniversary logo, we will award you with an INTOUS digital drawing board from Wacom. There are no rules regarding the design of our anniversary logo, so give your creativity free rein – and start your possible career as a logo-designer.


The competition is open for all university students in Shanghai and Fudan faculty. The deadline for submitting your logo-design is: December 1st 2014 before 12.00 noon.

After the deadline, the Nordic Centre Anniversary Committee will choose the logo for the anniversary, and the winner will be contacted directly shortly after and also announced on the Nordic Centre website:www.nordiccentre.net

Please send your logo design, a description of the symbolism in the logo if you find it relevant, your name, your university and major/affiliation, as well as your contact information (e-mail and mobile number) tonatalie@nordiccentre.net


The Nordic Centre is a network of 26 Nordic Universities and one research institution that all have close collaboration with Fudan University. Our member universities come from the five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

Our current logo (which we will continue to use alongside the anniversary logo) was designed at a time, when only four Nordic countries were part of the Nordic Centre network, and therefore there are four long branches in our current logo. The shape resembles a snow flake and the colours are meant to reflect the cold climate in the Nordic countries. The big circle in the centre of the logo is meant to symbolize China, which is at the centre of our collaboration.


 Rules: Your logo must be an original idea and it must be your own design. If we choose your logo as the winner of the competition, the Nordic Centre has the user-right of the logo. If your logo is not chosen as the winner, the Nordic Centre has no user-rights of your logo. The panel of judges will consist of Chinese and Nordic scholars and administrative staff with long-time involvement in the Nordic Centre. The winning prize cannot be exchanged to cash.