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 - Decisions on the accepted papers by August 1
 - Camera-ready papers by August 15

The rapid development of digital media and culture has brought new questions for human interaction and society that are challenging the traditional concepts of information and communication. There seems to be an ever-increasing connectedness via multiple modalities. More and more scholars from different fields of research are getting involved in the investigation of the cultural and social implications of digital information and communication technologies.

Networked media environments, online communication and mediated interpersonal relations are making researchers reflect on their traditional conception of mass media, society and communication. Views on the future differ from each other, from optimism to pessimism. Theoretical paradigms are approaching the questions of digital culture and society in very different ways.

Digital culture and society creates vast amounts of data. Computational methods provide new ways to extract information related to digital culture and society. This gives us new possibilities to study phenomena such as people’s cultural beliefs and behavior. Another relevant area is the application of digital media in different fields such as marketing, workplace, education, and others.

However, new creative ways to analyze the data sets are needed. In particular, methods to study texts and social media are in the heart of the new research method development.

DCS 2017 will focus on the interdisciplinary study of Social Science and Computer Science, providing a forum for researchers and practitioners from interdisciplinary areas of computer science, statistics and Social Science, to discuss theoretical and application issues in Digital media technologies on Culture and Society, to exchange ideas, share knowledge and promote future cooperation. This year's conference will mainly welcome researchers from China and Nordic countries, but researchers from other countries are welcome too.

 Topics of the conference

(1) Digital media technologies on culture and society

- Digital media data analysis

- Web and social media mining

- Recommendation in social media

- Social Network and Community structure analysis

- Sentiment analysis in social media

- Hot topic tracking in social media

- Visualization of digital media data for culture and society

(2) Ecosystems for digital culture and society

- Social media and citizenship

- New forms of consumption

- Internet and everyday life

- Internet governance

- Trust model in social media

- Privacy concerns and models for social media

- Digital ecosystems that facilitate the capture of big social data

- Online communication and politics

The format template of the papers is at  from left of this web page, you can find the link for the word template  "Microsoft Word Proceedings Templates (zip)" and the latex template "LaTeX2e Proceedings Templates (zip)" and just download it.

Participation Fee

Participation fee for researchers at member universities: 500 RMB

Participation fee for researchers at non-member universities: 2,500 RMB

Early-bird (before July 1) participation fee for researchers at non-member universities: 1,500 RMB

See list of Nordic Centre member universities here.